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Global Group International, Inc. primary goal is to continue identifying Commercial and Multi-family Real Estate investments in South Florida and uniting Domestic and International Investors in order to gain the highest possible buying power advantage while obtaining the lowest possible price for the properties. This “Bulk Purchasing” theory has given our past investors tremendous returns on their investment. It doesn't matter if our investors invest $100,000 or One Million Dollars. All investors benefit from our “Bulk Purchasing” and all investors receive the same returns proportionate to their investment.

Global Group International, Inc. focuses on properties that are in the path of progress and are owned by large institutions or farmers and purchases these properties for significantly less than the current Market Value. Many times through the efforts of Global Group International these properties can be re-zoned or re-platted then subdivided into smaller parcels that can then be sold off at substantially higher prices. In those cases “Global” returns most, if not all, our investors’ initial capital outlay and continues to develop one of the smaller parcels with the profits obtained from the other sales. This was the case with “ Weston Medical & Professional Center ”. “Global” also purchases income-producing properties that have not realized their full income potential. Global carefully analyzes the market conditions along with the properties unique characteristics and with Global's experience, knowledge and skill determines which path will be successful in transforming an under-performing property into a very profitable income producing venture.

Global Group International, Inc. has assembled a team of skilled professionals in the fields of Commercial and Multi-family Real Estate, Governmental Affairs, Engineering, Architectural Design, Surveying, Appraisal/Market Studies, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Construction and Property/Project Management that control every aspect of the investment process in order to minimize or eliminate investor risk.

It is the commitment to Quality Control that instills our investors’ confidence in our Company

and has facilitated the development of many important relationships over the years. These long-term client relationships continue to be a major source of the company's success and growth.

"Global" invests its capital along with Global's investor's capital in all of its projects. Each project is precious and Global's team intends to deliver it at a substantial profit.


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